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Subject: Re: Proposed module: ChaosFactory

From: Andrew Schrock <aschrock@...
Date: 1999-11-05

> From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
> While sitting here trying to catch up with the backlog, the mind wandered
> to...
> >>>>C H A O S F A C T O R Y<<<<<

Have you looked into Buchla's "source of uncertainty"? A much different
beast, but might give you some ideas. I would personally like to see more
inputs/outputs and flexibility than what you're suggesting, but it's
definitely a nice idea.

> Too much Haloween candy on the brain again. Or, too much Skinny Puppy.

Can't have too much of either :)

I would love to own such a module. If you could play with the ROM,
customize it a bit, that would be even better. If you're not familiar,
there's a lot of psuedo-random noisey/accidental "music" going around
now... not exactly similar to classical cage-ian randomness or even
microtonal Luening or Ussachevsky, but a different, less academic, breed.
I'm thinking of Pole, Pita, Oval, Pan Sonic, and other (mostly european)

Pole uses some broken analog filters, a waldorf 4-pole I hear, Pan_Sonic
uses custom (analog?) modules/sequencers, Oval uses mostly digital
editing. I'm not sure what equipment Pita uses, but hide your tweeters!!
:) I think such a module as Paul suggests would really fall in quite
nicely to some of these newer styles of electronic music which are
emerging. However I'm not sure if the demand would be high enough to
warrant a production run?


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