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Subject: RE: Microtonal

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <Ken.Tkacs@...
Date: 1999-11-04

I have a TX81Z that allowed me to do some stuff, but it was a bear. I also
bought a third-party operating system for my Mirage from John Lord that let
me work microtonally with that thing, but MT in a sampler is... well, it
just ain't right. At least with that one.

I was also able to do 19-tone Equal on my ESQ-M by editing every voice that
I wanted to use and scaling the pitch control. So for a while I was using
these three machines to play with some MT. However, those machines had such
poor tuning resolution that it really wasn't a fair test of alternate

Didn't Carlos use the Synergy for her early microtonal works? I picked up a
Kurzweil K2000 because she seems to swear by those now, doing most of her
work with two of them MIDI'd together, but I honestly haven't had much time
to spend with it recently, or to figure out the tuning tables.

So when you say "specifically designed," that's an important term-a lot of
machines let you kludge MT in if you were willing to stand on your head to
do it, but I have yet to find a synthesizer that makes it easy.

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From:Paul Schreiber [mailto:synth1@...]

Strangely, the only synth I know of that was ∗specifically
to support microtonal tunings is the Yamaha TX-802! (Well,
the Synergy!)