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Subject: Re: Microtonal

From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...
Date: 1999-11-04

> Strangely, the only synth I know of that was ∗specifically designed∗
> to support microtonal tunings is the Yamaha TX-802! (Well, and
> the Synergy!)

I think there were a few more Yamaha synths from around that period with
fairly sophisticated tuning abilities. Wendy Carlos did 'Switched-On Bach
2000' using an SY99 and a whole bunch of other digital gear (including
Yamaha's first digital mixer - I've seen one but I forget the model number
- it's this huge heavy brick with six or eight channels) ... the booklet
contains a long paean to how much _better_ all this new digital gear is
than the bad old analog ... I guess if she was trying to make real
orchestral music with drifty Moog oscillators it must have gotten
frustrating :)

Just like my roommate's computer-music prof, Howard Sandroff, who sold a
huge Serge system for like $1000 sometime in the mid-80s. He's never
admitted he was wrong either ...

Anyway, I don't know if the SY99 does scales other than twelve-step
divided octaves, but it _does_ tune individual notes, so that Wendy was
able to use a different "baroquely correct" tuning for each piece on
SOB2k. SY99's are incredibly expensive and hard to find now, though.

Chris Jeris