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Subject: Re: Sequencer

From: Roy Tate <roytate@...
Date: 1999-02-06

Steve wrote:
> I think the MOAS idea is wonderful. However, a small 'utility'
> sequencer could also be very useful, and this could be realized
> much sooner than the MOAS. Something like 8 steps with a couple of
> gate buses, externally clocked, ability to be daisy chained so 2
> could give 16 steps, or 2 rows of 8 steps. This is a simple
> design, but it would be nice if it was in the same style as the
> rest of the MOTM system. Kind of a 1/2 arp sequencer in a 3U
> panel thing, 2 columns of 4 knobs each and then a column of
> switches 2 wide. What do you guys think?

The problem is that building even a simple sequencer would be
expensive, and every sale would cut into sales of MOAS. This might
even mean that MOAS wouldn't happen, and I think Paul would prefer
to deliver new and unique modules. After all, the simple 8 step
sequencer has been done sooo many times. But don't get me wrong,
I'm just as eager as everyone else to get VCOs, VCFs and the
sequencer. :)


Roy Tate