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Subject: Re: String module...

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-11-02


Rather use a digital approach.

a) I can get 32K x 8 SRAMs for $1.20. That's 1 second of delay at 32Khz
sample rate.
b) I can get 512K x 8 SRAMS for $18. That's about 12 seconds of CD audio
c) I can get 16-bit CD DACs for about $6
d) I can get 16-bit CD ADCs for about $13

Basically, everyone violated the Eminent (sp?) organ patent (the Dutch organ
JM Jarre loves so much)
It is considered the best-sounding string phaser: has 3 seperate delays with
3 different clocks
in a "cross-interleaved" format. I heard that it was sort of a rip-off of
the (in)famous Marshall Time Modulator
which has 5 seperate delays all cross-coupled.

Crow is right: with $3 PICs running 5-8 ∗million∗ instructions a second, you
can do amazing things!

Paul S.