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Subject: Our Team

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-11-01

Rather than berate the other vendors, just be glad that:

1) Jurgen Haible (JH to most of us on the DIY list) is a MOTM
designer. He worked on the '410, the '420, and the '320. He is
currently working on ∗4∗ new designs. We got him, no one else does.

2) We got Doug Kraul, who contributed to Electronotes, founded
Harmony Systems in the 80s (made neat tape and MIDI widgets)
worked on the '300 and is now off on the thru-zero version.

3) We got Scott Rider (Old Crow) that is a master uP coder and
is cooking up modules that will make Dave "Gimme a LED" Bradley
pee in his pants and John "Run Audio into CV Inputs" Barlow need a
5A supply.

4) Lastly, ∗I∗ got the best customers!

So there!

Paul S.
sugar high: too many Tootsie Rolls