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Subject: Re: Thinking on Mixer

From: Elhardt@...
Date: 1999-10-31

jlarryh@... writes:
>>....the fact that the patch points are always at the bottom. So, from a
pure engineering point of view, that is one of the best ways to hold down
cost without compromising on the quality of parts. True, there are some
limitations imposed by that standardization.<<

Since I still haven't gotten my shipment of MOTM modules, I don't know
anything about the mechanical design behind the panel. So I am speaking not
having those considerations in mind. But those cost factors of course have
to come into the equation.

>>Concerning no input on some of the modules, that is somewhat true. The
upcoming JH filter is a proven design clone of the popular filter from the P5
I think.<<

It wouldn't be the actual filter design that would be discussed on something
like that. But maybe for example, the number of audio/modulation inputs or
other features outside of the actual filter circuit. If it is like the 420
filter in that area, then great.

>>Just to give you a couple of examples where user input has actually changed
a design even AFTER the initial issue: MOTM-800 - The new one has a circuit
addition which will allow full ADSR operation with a gate only. That change
was a direct response to ranting (like yours) here on the list.<<

I would hope the 800 could be controlled with gate only like all other EGs,
because that is all that is usually available. That is why we should know
before final design.