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Subject: Re: wires

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 1999-10-30

Since Paul's been harassing me to change over from Banana jacks to 1/4" I've
been checking this stuff out.

In a message dated 10/30/99 12:51:54 PM, jlarryh@... writes:

> Someone else on this list (sorry, my age and declining brain cell count
>does not permit me to recall who), found a site called Wacky Kovacy cables

I think it was Cary.

>This guy makes cables to your specification. He
>uses USA-1 cable and Switchcraft ends. The ends are all soldered and the
>heat shrinked under the plug cover. You can choose you cable color and
>color of heat shrink.

>I bought 30 cables (various lengths feet and under) for $150 plus $15
>shipping. The arrived in about 4 days. For me, there is no way I would
>spend all that time with a soldering iron making cables that would cost
>at least $4 each when this guy will make them for $5 each.

Talk about Wacky! I thought I remembered you quoting this price ($5.00 each)
but when I looked at his site a couple of weeks ago, I thought he had posted
$8.00 for 1' cords. I also noticed that he specified lengths of 1', 3' and 5'
and longer, whereas I would want cords of a few different lengths between 1'
and 3' -- am I wrong? Did his prices go up? I noticed he offered packages of
cables, and it might be useful if he offered a MOTM package of say 8 to 10
cables between 1' and 3' -- any thoughts here?

>Are these
>cables as good as Mogami cable / Neutrik connectors? Well, probably not.
>But they are close enough that a Stooge like me can't tell the difference.

And surely an improvement over many cables I currently use!