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Subject: Re: Paul got a geetar

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 1999-10-30

In a message dated 10/30/99 12:24:34 PM, thudson@... writes:

>I started doing it when I first started playing, mainly because every
>Hendrix song I tried to copy was a half step flat. It stuck, and I
>still do it today.

Yeah, I used to do this as well, but I quickly became as anal about tuning as
I am about everything else (and it sure is hell trying to play with guys who
aren't used to tuning down). I used to think that it was my turntable
complaining "no! Not Little Wing AGAIN!!!"

>One thing I do when ever I have a guitar that need refretting is replace
>the frets with the jumbo fret wire. With huge frets you can really get
>the string. I won't recommend it for thinner string gauges. You end up
>something close to a scallop, and with thinner gauges chording can pull
>things out of tune.

I use the semi jumbo wire and just don't touch the strings to the finger
board, or barely touch them.

>But w/ 011 the strings never actually touch the fretboard.
>Has anyone run their guitar through the 410 yet?

I've enjoyed the pseudo stereo panning effects more than I thought I would,
and I like using both the LFOs and my envelope follower as CV sources. I
actually posted a review when I first got mine. Here's an excerpt:

Well, I've had my 410 going for almost a day now after some minor stupidity
getting it working. I'm really impressed by the sound. I've so far used it
mostly to do phaseresque stuff, and it is great for that! I've enjoyed using
guitar through it, though I think the 420 LPF is better for envelope follower
effects, the 410 is great with the LFOs sweeping across the harmonic
spectrum. I've currently got a nice drone patch using two harmonically tuned
VCOs (one doing linear FM on the other) with both outs going to the 120
SUB-OCTAVE MULTIPLEXER (CROSS PRODUCT mode) which is going to 420 with a slow
RATE sweeping widely across the spectrum. Very rich harmonic timbres!

DAMN! I need more VCOs!
John B.
PS, Hey Paul, did you ever get that gurtar, to make it easy to move your feet?
I'm gonna add some MOTM so that the dancers just won't hide.

And now we know that he did! So "John and Larry gotta message they say -- all
the Dopefers go home -- patch to the music!"