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Subject: RE: More VCA blabbering

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...
Date: 1999-10-29

1. Re: ring mod as VCA - you will quite a bit more bleed through from the X
and Y channels than you will on the "real" VCA. The spec says only 40 db
separation, which is clearly audible. I use my RM as a VCA in a pinch, but
the real VCA performance is mucho superior because of the much higher
rejection ratio.

2. To paraphrase some long ago AH sarcasm:
EG linear outputs -> VCA linear inputs makes me SAD (very unnatural sounding
decay on audio signals). EG exp outputs -> VCA linear inputs makes me GLAD
(normal state of affairs for general purpose synthesis). But EG exp
outputs -> VCA exp inputs = WHOMP-ASS punch, for really dynamic short
percussive sounds. So it's good to have exp envelopes (800s are exp, BTW)
plus both exp and linear control voltage inputs on VCAs.


> From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
> A while back, when Paul was talking about the future MOTM-VCA. I remember
> some discussion about having both exponential and linear inputs. Can some
> of you modular savvy guys tell me why I would want this feature in a VCA.
> Speaking from MOTM land, since that is all the modular I own, the EGs have
> exponential outputs so the VCA has a exponential input and linear
> response.
> What would I use a linear input on a VCA for unless I was using EGs with
> linear CV outs?
> Larry (still trying to learn & understand this modular stuff) Hendry