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Subject: Re: Quick update

From: Zsolt Homlokos <Zsolt.Homlokos@...
Date: 1999-10-29

Paul Schreiber schrieb:

> From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
> First, I want to thank everyone for being loyal customers! This year has
> exceeded projections,
> and I don't have to send Barlow the Suber Reverb amp as scrap for $2/lb.
> The downside is that I'm falling behind: I'm about 8 days behind where I'd
> hope to be.
> Also, with holidays looming and kids out of school ∗10 days∗ in Nov (good
> grief) it looks like
> the '320, the '440, and a surprise (hee hee) will constitute the shipments
> of ∗new∗ stuff
> for the year. I will get 2U, 1U, and new end panels sent off to the shop
> next week, so
> those will be ready to ship around Nov. 20th. Other non-MOTM commitments
> will delay the mixer, preamp, and
> envelope follower to early 1st quarter next year. But that project should be
> over for 8 months at least (whew!).
> However, new MOTM members trickle in each week. The next milestone is
> customer #100/module #1000
> (curious to see which one gets there first). Currently around customer #77,
> and after next week module #600.
> I am betting (with zero data to back me, just gut feel) that this is about
> what Polyfusion or Aries
> shipped in their lifetime. So, I suppose MOTM is as 'legitimate' as they
> are! Just lower profile!
> On that note, Mark Vail called and wants to include MOTM/CEM/general poop on
> Synthesis Tech in the 2nd edition
> of "Vintage Synthesizers" coming out next spring. After 1.045ns of thought I
> agreed. I'll also be in the
> Synergy section (so WC can call me if Stoney Stockell is busy :) )
> I do plan to get a digital camera by the end of the year and will have, for
> each module, an on-line
> color step-by-step assembly guide! So you can comment on my soldering and
> technique :) This should
> help explain stuff, because drawing and figures are time-consuming to put in
> the printed manuals and
> the photos are more pretty anyway.
> Got to run, have 4 fairly large all-assembled systems shipping next week.
> And to think 1 roll of solder ∗used∗ to
> last me 3 years. I've gone through 17 rolls this year!
> Paul S.
one question Paul:
are you running this business all alone?i mean do you do the packing and
all yourself?if yes ...respect ,if not...respect.