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Subject: RE: Quick update

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <Ken.Tkacs@...
Date: 1999-10-29

Lower profile? Could have fooled my wife! With my MOTM stuff strewn all
about and color laser prints of panels from the web site on every

Here's a question that might sound bizarre-which kits do you have ∗most∗ of
in stock? Just thinking ahead to my next module purchases-I need a lot of
stuff, so I might as well garb some things that you have plenty of ready to
ship during these hectic times.

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From:Paul Schreiber [mailto:synth1@...]

I am betting (with zero data to back me, just gut feel) that
this is about
what Polyfusion or Aries
shipped in their lifetime. So, I suppose MOTM is as
'legitimate' as they
are! Just lower profile!