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Subject: Re: Quick update (Numbers Shipped)

From: Elhardt@...
Date: 1999-10-29

(Paul Schreiber) writes:
>>Currently around customer #77, and after next week module #600. I am
betting (with zero data to back me, just gut feel) that this is about what
Polyfusion or Aries shipped in their lifetime.<<

I myself have always wondered how much Polyfusion or Aries (and others)
modular equipment sold. But looking at the Polyfusion and Aries pricelists I
have, and doing a little math, they had to have shipped more that 600 modules

Average Polyfusion module price ~$300 x 600 = $180,000
Average Aries module price ~$150 x 600 = $90,000
The actual profit would be lower than the above figures of course. But you
could add to that some additional income from cases and keyboards, say
another 30%. All in all, gross sales of between $117,000 and $234,000 for
several years in business, doesn't sound like enough sales to generate enough
profit/income to pay a couple of employees for a year. That would also mean
that the picture of this Polyfusion (
has about 1/5 of the world's Polyfusion modules. Not too likely. I wonder
if the current incarnation of Polyfusion would even reveal how many they sold
back then.

>>Other non-MOTM commitments will delay the early 1st quarter
next year<<

argh.. The much needed Mixer delayed !

>>The next milestone is customer #100/module #1000
(curious to see which one gets there first).<<

Expect another instant order for at least 10 more modules as soon as the
Mixer gets here. Eventual long term goal is an MOTM system close to the size
of the above pictured Polyfusion (Maybe some Modcan thrown in too).