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Subject: Re: Demographics

From: "Paul R Bower" <vulture.squadron@...
Date: 1999-10-28

hello everyone
a direct question to Thomas Hudson:
do you utilise the pedal input on your Vortex for control of parameters from
your MOTM..? as I'm a newbie I've still not gotten around to this. If you
(or anyone) is unaware of the possibilities of this - reply and i'll post
the details

>Current listening: Well, I just found an old favorite album on CD,
>"Durch Die Wuste", Hans-Joachim Roedelius. And also F.Fwd, something
>Fripp did w/ members of the Orb. And I still find Gong to be one of
>the most interesting things to listen to, even after million's of plays.

nother direct question to Thomas - what do you think of the FFWD album..? I
used to work for the Orb years ago, and I'll tell you at the time we just
could not shift that album. When the label closed down, I was the one stood
in a skip on a gigantic heap of vinyl and CDs letting rip with a pickaxe -
by law we had to destroy a lot of stock for copyright purposes... ...tell
you what, I've still got a couple of copies in my drawer at work - who wants
one..? (total arbitary selection proceedure guarenteed)