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Subject: RE: demographics

From: Mark Pulver <mpulver@...
Date: 1999-10-28

Dave Bradley (10:09 AM 10/28/1999) wrote:

>It's incredible how many of us are working in software!

Here's another one...

Name: Doe, John Doe

Age: 38

Occupation: Geek. Windows NT network stuff in C and assembly. If _they_
(MS) say you can't do it then you haven't looked hard enough.
Linux is my hero though.

MOTM Stuff: Paul and many others have tried, but I just don't have the
time to build. So, I hang out here and cause trouble.

Other Gear:

Influences: Frustration with having been lazy enough 20 years ago to
let my left hand basically become useless. Previous to that,
and 'wishful thinking' now, (old) Genesis, ELP, Metallica,
Pink Floyd, TD, Stabbing Westward, most anything with walls
of compressed loud guitar chunking and driving 32nd notes.