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Subject: Re: Demographics

From: thudson@...
Date: 1999-10-28

Doug Pearson wrote:

> Fave (vaguely synth-oriented) Artists/Records: HAWKWIND, Gong,

Cool! I was wondering if there were any Gong-heads in the MOTM world.
I still can't seem to get enough of Gong, and by extension Steve Hillage.

Name: Thomas Hudson

Age: 40

Location: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: software engineer, cross-platform specialist.

Modules: Not enough. One row, a second one hopefully in the Spring (when
I finally get the IRS off my back).

Other Instruments: Modified Strat, Roland GR50 guitar synth, Marshall
JMP-1, Dgitech TSR-24, JamMan, Vortex, many homebuilt distortion and
f/x devices, E-mu Ultrproteus, ASM-1, Fatman. I built/use to own
just about every old Paia thing; Gnome, Oz, 4700/8700, etc.
Lot's o' strange software on Linux.

Styles: Ambient guitar, ambient groove, all psychedelia (pop to just
way out there), spacerock, algorithmic composition soundscapes, pseudo-jazz
(rock/blues guitarist trying to do jazz), guitar thru a 600 millisecond delay
(ala Steve Hillage), guitar thru a 32 second delay (ala Frippertronics, with
regards to Stockhausen).

Fave Artists/Records: Gong (You and Angel's Egg are must-listens),
Steve Hillage (old: Fish Rising is one of the most intricate,
complex and beautiful albums ever. new: Fire+Water), Cluster,
Hendrix (A strat feeding back is my favorite oscillator, an HCO),
UmmaGumma-era Floyd, The Orb, FSOL, Eno, William Orbit, Krimson/Fripp,
Loop Guru. Oh yeah, and I love classical Indian music, Ravi Shankar, Ali
Akbar, etc. I also experiment with traditional music from various cultures,
world beat (not sure I like the marketing term).

Current listening: Well, I just found an old favorite album on CD,
"Durch Die Wuste", Hans-Joachim Roedelius. And also F.Fwd, something
Fripp did w/ members of the Orb. And I still find Gong to be one of
the most interesting things to listen to, even after million's of plays.