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Subject: Re: Demographics

From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...
Date: 1999-10-27

Here's me ...
Name: Chris Jeris
Age: 23
Profession: only when I can't avoid it somehow. Currently slaving as a
software engineer in order to get health insurance. Formerly a not-quite
starving grad student (pure math), maybe someday again.
Location: Hyde Park, Chicago
Modules: one of each plus another 300, 420, 800; PAiA midi2cv8; Blacet
Dark Star, Klang Werk, Frequency Divider
Music involving MOTM: none yet recorded, lots of stuff in various stages
of development
Other music gear: I like the blue Yamaha stuff (AN1x, FS1R, A3000), my
roommate is partial to E-mu (Morpheus, Ultraproteus, Procussion); a
complete gearlist for our apartment is at gearlist.html off my
homepage; all the links are broken (the polite term is "future expansion")
My music: Recent electronic music ranging from "intelligent dance
music" through "experimental" to "noise", with occasional dashes of any
genre I feel like (funk, dub, very occasional prog rock). Hopefully a
recording of a live show I did June 1998 will soon reappear (following
disk crash) at
Music I like to listen to: Autechre; Aphex Twin; Boards of
Canada; Bola; Coil; E.A.R.; Greater than One; King
Crimson; Ministry; Mouse on Mars; Orb; Oval; Pan
Sonic; Pole; Squarepusher; Swans; Velvet Underground; Young Gods;
lots more...