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Subject: Re: Re: thoughts from a newbie

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 1999-10-26

> From: "Paul R Bower" <vulture.squadron@...>
> hello all (from sheffield, england)
> got the first parts of my system on monday

Welcome to the wonderful world of MOTM Paul.

> i've come up with the following
> suggestions / mods that i'll be making:
> in the power supply module, i'm going to put a
> folded aluminium shield around the transformer
> assembly, just for a little more protection when
> poking around the back of the system - the 240v
> we have is a little more serious etc etc

From a guy that does "mains" work for a living, I say good idea. Maybe the
inside of the shield should be lined with a non-conductive material to
reduce the possibility that the shield could itself become a short circuit.

> a question - does anyone over label their patch
> fields with coloured ink to easily code CVs from
< audio. i only caught the end of the coloured washer
> saga, but thought red & green markers over the
> white screenprint would work... (on my korg MS
> bits i use red cables for cv, green for gates)

Well, the colored washer idea was generally aimed at helping to identify
multiple connections on custom panels that did not have a silkscreen.
However, until you get down to, "how am I going to patch this today" I am
not sure that drawing a line (color coding) between audio and control is
such a good idea. For example, one, one day, I might want to use my 320
LFO (when I get it that is) output for control, and the next day, I might
want to use in the lower audio range.

Having said all that, I agree that different colors for audio and control
make sense at the time the patch is created. It makes it a little easier
to see. So, like your MS idea, I ordered my cables with two different
colored identifiers. I use one for CV and one for audio. Some of use have
purchased nice cables from He sells nice cables with
switchcraft jacks and USA-1 cable for not much more than what it would cost
you to make them yourself. And, his custom color selections are awesome.

> finally, hands up all those who'd like to see a series
> of drum modules some time in the future..?

Midwest Analog has some cheap analog drum kits that you might want to look
at (well , at least until MOTM drums become available).

Larry (wondering if they have "The Three Stooges" in England) Hendry