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Subject: Re: thoughts from a newbie

From: "Paul R Bower" <vulture.squadron@...>
Date: 1999-10-22

hello all (from sheffield, england)
got the first parts of my system on monday but a rogue earth loop and
attempting to sync a multitrack to cubase vst has caused me a week of abject
but i digress
i've not had chance to build my system yet (that would be 8:30pm tonight),
but having a good poke around the kits, i've come up with the following
suggestions / mods that i'll be making:
in the power supply module, i'm going to put a folded aluminium shield
around the transformer assembly, just for a little more protection when
poking around the back of the system - the 240v we have is a little more
serious etc etc
racking wise, i encountered a little problem with the 19A rails which are
designed to fit with what we call M5 bolts. UK users will know that quite a
lot of UK racking / caged nuts uses M6 bolts, which don't fit - a solution i
found was that a set of humfrees (M6 bolts with an insulated sleeve) can be
used. strip off the insulation, and you have an M5 bolt with an M6 thread.
(they're �7 for a pack of 4 from studiospares 0171 482 1692)
I just ordered an �55 5u rack case from a german company called Thomann,
i'll let you know how it goes, but in the long run i plan to use some spare
neve console chassis parts - the parts i have (for an '82 51 series) are
based on 19" compatable bays - the plan is a series of 11u wide, 10u high
shallow cabinets, power on the back, edac / elco connected audio loom, with
front panel patch points, and a couple of 9v / 12v supply points available
for any pedals i want to use (amperes permitting).
a question - does anyone over label their patch fields with coloured ink to
easily code CVs from audio. i only caught the end of the coloured washer
saga, but thought red & green markers over the white screenprint would
work... (on my korg MS bits i use red cables for cv, green for gates)
finally, hands up all those who'd like to see a series of drum modules some
time in the future..?
paul b
ps - my headspace can be explained at it's not been
updated since march - but check out the PG52B modular pulse generator ;-)