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Subject: Re: more stuff!

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-03-10

> From: JWBarlow@...
> 1) Hey Larry, I broke the first switch on the first MOTM kit I got
> even tightening it, just trying to get it vertically aligned). Thanks
> (and Chris?) for the part number. But Larry, I think you've been doing
> many push ups (or you need to find another outlet for your aggressions).

Thanks for your opinion John. You actually broke the switch when
tightening and just realized it when aligning it. Trust me, I have plenty
of experience in this area. I'll tell wife wife to expect the beatings to
resume. <silly grin>

> 3) Un-implemented MOTM 110 mod -- DC coupling switch. Drill hole in panel
> below CV MOD knob. Install spst switch (do not overtighten). Connect
> across bypass cap (using 3 cond. sheiled cable???). This will allow
gating of
> CV, as well as audio; wish I'd thought of it before assembly.

I'll have to think about this one (being the modular newbie) Comments
Paul? Hey, did someone offer to collect and keep all these great
modification suggestions organized in a central accessible place. Another
thought -- could a modification ever be so good and popular that it
actually changes that MOTM kit from rev 1.0 to rev 1.1? Especially if the
changes were faceplate, switches, and additions as opposed to redoing the
circuit board and such. And, are the rest of us current MOTM builders so
retentive about our panel appearance that we would require a rev 1.1 panel
from the new production run to satisfy our aestetic needs?

> 4) About filter Q
> The (damn) Serge filters have something similar, not a control but a
> input for a pulse called RING. Works great! I love it! Paul should add

Hey, there is ALWAYS room for another filter. Perhaps one of them (or
more) could have this feature. However, I'm still not sure why. Help me
understand John. "Pretty please."

> 5) And finally,
> And a number of people are clamoring for that (BTW, zero is a number)!

Good to see that the numbers around here with a sense of humor greatly
exceed the numbers of folks easily offended. OK. OK. I know some of your
guys are still laughing at me for twisting that stud out of the back of the
MOTM-700 panel <g>.

> > Heck, most of the time I don't even
> >know what I want (until Paul tells me). <grin>
> Paul is very helpful in that way!

Yep !

> Larry! I think I remember you posting this ("no ADSRs?") when you first
> it, and I said something like you have to have a minimum of 3 per voice.
> changed my perspective recently, that's far too few!

Charlie, eerrr, I mean John, Your memory is excellent. I still have no EGs
in the PAiA, but I have the rest of it working (that's a relative term). I
hope to get the oscillators tracking soon. I will either SELL it cheap to
someone wanting to get into the modular business for under $200 or keep the
power supplies, VCOs, LFOs and mixer as an "expander" for one of the two
V/Hz mono synths I own (Korg MS-20 and YAmaha CS-15). I had it connected
to the CS-15 this way over the weekend (5 osc on one voice). It actually
sounded PHAT as they say on the one note where all oscillators were in
tune. Damn. I have got to get these oscillators tracking

> In 1983 dollars:

Thanks for the prices.

> At the risk of stating the obvious, a VCO, VCF, VCA, ADSR does not a
> make. You NEED to have those (and they need to be good) but it is the
> esoteric modules that make a synth have its own personality. However, if
> companies put out the VCO, VCF, VCA, ADSR core, and nothing more, all the
> companies can bite the dust, before any of them have a chance (or a
clue!) of
> putting out the more exotic modules; and we're all left with a bunch of
> VCF, VCA, ADSR collections. Sorry if my original point was not clear.

Great observation John. Now we all know why Paul is selling us MOTM-700
voltage switch before VCOs and VCFs. Humm... Did we all notice what PAiA
is making? (VCO, VCF, VCA, ADSR core, and nothing more)
John, I quoted you on that one (actually copy and paste).

Larry Hendry