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Subject: Re: Power Supply Mounting

From: Fred Becker <mach25@...>
Date: 1999-10-22

I suppose the analog power meters are nice, but I never liked them. I like
those LED bars better for that. Pure taste. That is why modulars are so
fun. Everyone can express their desires and customize things. As for
LED's leaking current and messing with the signals, or drawing excessive
current, I learn something every day. I suppose the obvious fix is to put
all LED's on a separate power supply, creating a huge cluge. That, or some
other clever design to isolate them from critical circuits. Of course if
you don't like LED's in the first place there is no reason to. I'm
outvoted on that it seems. My solution: I plan to drill myriad tiny holes
and run red Christmas lights through all my modules. Ha!

I suppose my inspiration for my LED wish is my experience with two Roland
SPH-323 Phase Shifters. I have two because each one is mono. These
feature LED's by the power switches and two LED's for giving an indication
of the phase sweep. It was always fun to watch the lights moving and it
helped me decide when to play certain phrases. My Korg MS-20's also have
LED's for various things. My Synergy too is dominated by LED's. So that
is why I generally like LED's.