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Subject: OT: Yamaha FS1R

From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...
Date: 1999-10-18

This is sort of off topic - I just picked up one of the few d∗g∗t∗l synths
I've seen worthy of sitting in the same rack with a MOTM system - the
Yamaha FS1R - a new FM synthesizer they released last year. It is an
incredibly deep and complex instrument and I encourage MOTMers who are not
totally put off by the idea of d∗g∗t∗l gear to check it out. It is the
kind of synth I think might appeal to people who build their own modulars.
Not only can you do all the timbral bizarrerie of classical FM synthesis
with it, but it sounds _nice_ even on its own - there is a respectable
(not fantastic) DSP filter and effects block. Haven't yet tried out the
410 with it for lack of preampage.

Apparently the FS1R has sold very poorly; I imagine no one understands it.
(You really need an external editor, there are way too many parameters to
program it from the front panel.) It has been out for over a year and
mine is serial number 1246 :)

I am looking forward to using the FS1R as an "FM oscillator module" in the
MOTM system (endless digital FM freakout through two MOTM-420s !!)
You should check them out.

Chris Jeris