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Subject: Re: Quick 410 question

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-10-13

I suggest putting it in, then deciding later if the levels are too low.
It's easier to cut it out than soldering it in from the top.

The reason is that there are no input attenuators, so strong signals
(like a direct output of a MOTM-300) will clip the filter.

Synth outs are 1V pk-pk and so won't clip it.

Some members of this list will find the clipping appealing :)

Paul S.

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From: hodad1@... <hodad1@...>
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Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 4:07 PM
Subject: [motm] Quick 410 question

>From: hodad1@...
>Just got my kit in & was glancing at the instructions. I noticed the thing
>about R68 being
>optional, depending on how you use the module. Well, what if you use it
>with the motm300
>∗and∗ external audio? What's the best choice then?(Or did i just miss this
>because I was
>only skimming the instructions?)
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>From: Paul Schreiber <synth1@...>
>To: MOTM listserv <>
>Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 3:03 PM
>Subject: [motm] Module status/update
>>From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
>>1) MOTM-800 Rev B
>>The Rev B adds the circuitry to get full ADSR action with GATE only. The
>>older Rev A
>>pcbs are all gone. These will ship starting next Monday. Same price.
>>2) MOTM-100 going to MOTM-101
>>The MOTM-100 is now out of stock, and will be replaced by the MOTM-101.
>>adds the panel switch for Vibrato select, and adds a pot for Slew
>>the price will increase to $135 kit, $185 assembled.
>>Ship date will be Nov. 10th. Any MOTM-100 orders will be converted to
>>3) MOTM-320
>>This will be the next module shipped. The sheet metal is due Friday of
>>week. By then
>>I hope to write the manual and start kitting up. So, shipment will be
>>at the end of this month.
>>PCBs are in, production prototype 100% operational. Ship it!!
>>4) MOTM-440
>>The '440 will ship after the '320. It is the SSM2040 LPF with VC-Q. Price
>>$159 kit and $219 assembled.
>>I expect this will ship the week before Thanksgiving (around Nov 20th).
>>free to order anytime. Designed
>>by Jurgen Haible, the king of the SSM filter clones.
>>5) Mixer
>>I expect this to ship around Dec 10th. No price, but guessing $159 just
>>because of the hardware!
>>6) Triple preamp/uVCO/Env follower
>>I would love to get these out this year. But if I'm lucky, I can get 1.
>>Probably the preamp just
>>because it's the easier of the bunch.
>>Happy '410 building! Let me know what you think/kit screwups/etc
>>Paul Schreiber