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Subject: RE: colored washers yet again

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <Ken.Tkacs@...
Date: 1999-10-08

If I could respectfully add to that sentiment...

Wouldn't it be hard to 'absolutely' color-code the jacks? Some "signal in"s
can sometimes take a CV; the VCO Sync I/O jack is all KINDS of things. It
would seem limiting to me to strictly color code them. I know I've seen some
do it, but it might psychologically suggest to a user, "don't plug that CV
in here-this is a signal out jack," when in fact that might just be the
coolest thing you could do!

No offense to those on a quest. Heaven knows I have enough of my own
indefensible quests going on...

Serious question, and not meant to offend: has anyone found
their patching
has gotten faster or better using color coded jacks? I
color-coded cables (though I only color code cables for
length), but jacks?
Seems like once you know the module, you would know where
things go, and
there is a label for each input and output...

Like I said--no offense meant!