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Subject: Re: Module idea

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-09-30

Well, I 'might' like to see version # 1 first. I'm not sure how useful the
huge steps like 9ths would be. Here are some thoughts from my side:

On the cheap version, could the rotary step position sizes be user
selectable / changeable? Say certain resistor sizes produce certain

If they would be fixed then I think on the low side you MUST have 1/2 step
(1 semitone). And, I think something smaller than 1/2 step would be cool
to use for turning portamento into glissando -- kind of like you can gliss
on the OB-8.

On the expensive version, it would be MAJOR cool to have programmable
scales. So, not just fixed step sizes for each step, but steps that would
always be in key for the user selected scale. So the step might not always
be the same. Hell, with CV out, I could finally actually play my theremin
ON KEY with such a device. And, programmable scales would be absolutely
killer for making oscillators track 3rd apart. Normally we use 5ths a lot
as a musical interval because it is the same anywhere in the scale.
However, the musical 3rd interval changes from 3 to 4 semitones depending
on where you are playing in the scale. Sometimes it is a minor 3rd and
sometimes major. One could use his keyboard CV to drive one oscillator and
drive the quanitizer, and then use the quanitizer output to drive the
second oscillator. Instant Emmerson like musical 3rd interval lead lines
(except he could actually play them and always be in key).

As the world turns / as the mind wanders..... This is a good thing.
Stooge Larry

> From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
> AS the mind wanders stuffing 6,412 parts into little plastic
> bags................
> How about a voltage quantizer module. CV IN CV OUT.
> Version #1 >>>>CHEAPER<<<<<
> Rotary switch to select quantized step size: whole, 3rds, fifth, 7ths,
> Version #2 >>>>>$$$<<<<<
> No switch, all ratios simultaneously available.
> Would be EPROM based, so hacking encouraged and rewarded. Both versions
> wide.