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Subject: Re: MOTM State of the Union

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 1999-03-05

In a message dated 3/3/99 9:19:49 PM, you wrote:

>Mixer: I hope to have a 6-channel mixer in mid-April. This is a very easy
>kit, but is extremely DC accurate. Uses an OP-97
>as a servo amp. No capacitors in the path. Can mix AC or DC. Need to decide
>to put in linear or log pots. Tough call.
>Suggestions welcome.

Hi Paul,

Let me STRONGLY suggest that you put in a switch and a second output, so that
it can be used as either a single 6 input mixer OR as TWO independent THREE
INPUT MIXERS. The lack of mixing inputs on some of the MOTM modules
(understandable considering the cost of pots and knobs), causes one to highly
desire a few 2-3 input mixers for CV and signal inputs. Really the only time I
need a 6 input mixer is right before the amp, so I just use a small mixing
board for output (plus you gotta pan some of those 6 across the stereo field).

In terms of pots I would recommend linear because of CV, and because I
typically use a mixing board to change audio levels during recording.

More later!
Synth Peon