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Subject: RE: MOTM-300 questions/problems...

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <Ken.Tkacs@...
Date: 1999-09-17

I'm hoping to build my first MOTM-300 VCO kit this weekend, so I'll let you

I'm disappointed to hear about the 'scratchy' tuning pot. I used to use an
old Electrocomp synth in my college music lab, and with that VCO you could
smoothly sweep the oscillator from one end of the audio spectrum to the
other with one twist of the big knob (it had a REALLY _big knob_). So it's
not 'unavoidable.' Other synths I have used have had less range, but
considering the high quality of the MOTM kits & components, I was really
hoping for a smooth sweep like you're describing.

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Subject:[motm] MOTM-300 questions/problems...

From: John Speth <johns@...>

I'd like to compare notes with other builders to make sure
nothing is wrong with my VCOs.

1. Tuning

2. Dirty coarse freq pot

3. Hard

John Speth (just trying to understand it all)