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Subject: Re: Hypothetical Q

From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...
Date: 1999-09-17

I wouldn't be interested in a 3340-based MOTM VCO. Are there other
applications though, for which the chips would be compellingly better than
discrete oscillators -- like some kind of "Wacky Formant Oscillator Bank"
where number of oscillators is more important than the perfection of each
individual one?

(How do the 3340 and 3374 compare? I know Paul had talked about a 3374
VCO, waaaay back in the early days.)

Failing that, sell them to finance MOTM development. :)
Don't sell them to Doepfer, they will just make A-111's with them, all
those people should buy MOTM-300's instead!