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Subject: Rails and tinnermans

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-09-15

> From: JWBarlow@...
> All right knucklehead! Hows bout $22.97 a pair -- that cheap enough for

Why I ought to.... nyuck, nyuck. Looks like they run $34 a pair in the AMS
catalog. Music Emporium has 20 space for $24 a pair though.

> Er uh? Well knowing Paul's penchant for precision -- I uh....

You assumed !! Tisk tisk... (Actually, looks like it should work OK to
me). However, I am anxiously awaiting your test report. :)

> Didn't follow this about one thread vs. two (do you mean both
> sides of a "U" nut? -- pun restraint here).

Actually, I was thinking more like the full nut style on one side of the
"U." If you look at TJs tinnermans, you will see they only catch one
thread. However, that one may be fine. I was thinking something like the
ones used in the SKB racks but 8/32.

> And after today's MOTM music posts, I'll admit it, I'm a geezer!

Yep. I think your right, granddad. :)