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Subject: Re: Cabinet ideas sought!

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-09-15

> Ok Larry, here's the scoop. Both the tinnermans and
> the washers were found at a Sears Hardware store.
> They had an isle with assorted hardware in gray plastic
> pull-out drawers. All kinds of fasteners.

OK. Thanks TJ. I will check out Sears here for the black washers. Thanks
for the complete description and photo.

> Same story with the tinnerman clips. They had these
> in "U" and "J" shapes. I purchased all of the 6-32 "U"
> type I could find, about 70 of them, but I never found
> these again anywhere. The bin I found them in didn't
> even have them listed. Hope I can find another source!
> Not sure if these are "good ones" so I scanned them
> so you can have a look.

Well, these are not what I call the "good" ones. I have some that actually
resemble a real nut attached to the spring steel clip. And, I have some
that are all one piece but catch about 5 threads on the screw instead of
the one thread caught by the tinnerman clips in your photo. BUT, they are
all 10/32. I have nothing for 8/32. However, the good news is that I think
I can get you more of the ones like in your photo. They sell those at a
hardware store not too far from my place. How many and what size are you
looking for?

Larry H.

P.S. Just returned from seeing the Moody Blues in concert. Very nice.