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Subject: RE: Music to MOTM by

From: "David Bivins" <david@...
Date: 1999-09-14

> Seefeel (Astralwerks, Warp, Rephlex) and side project Disjecta (Warp) -
> brilliantly hypnotic soundscapes ranging from poppy guitar/vocal mixes
> (the old stuff on Astralwerks - like a nicer My Bloody Valentine) to
> harsher synthetic space noises (later stuff).

And Scala, another offshoot minus Clifford, which is very good.

> Experimental Audio Research [E.A.R.] (various labels) - beatless Serge
> noodling, done well. Whenever this guy tries to do beatful music (under
> names Spacemen 3, Spectrum), it's terrible. Beyond the Pale is especially
> good.

Unfortunately, all the good Spectrum I've heard is hopelessly obscure and
out of print. He did some gorgeous space-pop stuff, very guitar-oriented.
I'll try to remember some of the names--it was taped for me by someone who
had the sense to buy the stuff when it came out. The widely available
Spectrum album (Forever Alien) is pretty mediocre to me. Too bad--'cause it
has a great synth on the cover ;)