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Subject: RE: E-Music Recommendations

From: "David Bivins" <david@...
Date: 1999-09-14

Call "Other Music" in NYC. They actually have a web site too:

They always have copies of Subotnick, etc. on vinyl, and they are very much
into experimental electronic music--both popular and obscure. They carry
many tiny labels, so you're bound to find something interesting. Be
careful--some of the employees are much less intelligent than others. I mean
to the point where you ask them about a record that's in their hands at the
moment and they say "Uh, I don't think we carry that." Um, right. Other
employees have excellent recommendations.


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> Subject: [motm] E-Music Recommendations
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> As long as we're asking for album recommendations, does anyone have any
> ideas where to find electronic music that doesn't fall into the
> "rock/jazz/new-age" categories? Stuff more into the 'electronic-symphonic'
> or 'idiomatic electronic music' genres?
> I've bought all of the Carlos/Tomita/Vangelis stuff available (as
> well as a
> few weak Carlos imitators). I rely on my old vinyl for what
> little Subotnik,
> Mort Garson, Amin Bhatia, Mychael Danna, etc. that I could find. Over the
> last twenty-five years I've played my Varez, Stockhausen, Xenakis, and the
> "Forbidden Planet" soundtrack to death. I have a couple of CDs called
> "Computer Music Volume [x]" with John Chowning's original FM works, etc.
> I've been ending up with a CD collection that's 40% [sci-fi] soundtracks
> because that kind of music is the closest thing to orchestral weirdness
> being put out.
> Any suggestions?
> I have been very disappointed lately to find that music stores have pretty
> much eliminated what meager "Electronic" bins they had. They seem to feel
> that New Age, and in some cases Jazz, covers it all. To me, it
> seems like a
> whole sector of Electronic Music (with a capital 'E') has disappeared from
> the earth. If any of you helpful folks can point out some titles I might
> like and may have missed, I'd love to add them to my library.
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