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Subject: Re: I"m back

From: thudson@...
Date: 1999-09-13

"J. Larry Hendry" wrote:

> Hey... No other responses from John's "cabinet" post. Oh! I bet some of
> you guys are doing this MOTM listing from work.... HAHA Does your
> employer know? :)
Well, I've gone as far as purchasing wood. I bought paduak. It is a deep
burgundy wood w/ nice grain. But I'm still trying to determine just
what dimensions. I keep thinking that I would like to make sloped or
angled fronts. I've toyed with the idea of hinging it horizontally, so
it could fold in the middle to obtain a slope. Woodsmith has a kit of
hardware for making an old style steamer trunk, with brass corners, etc.,
but I'm not sure brass would match well w/ MOTM hardware.

I don't plan on taking my MOTM out of my studio, so the case just needs
to accentuate the beauty of of the MOTM modules.