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Subject: Status

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
Date: 2002-02-26

It's been a rough last few days. A friend and MOTM user here in Fort Worth, Doug Ferguson, died
unexpectedly from diabetes. He never knew he ∗had∗ diabetes until it was too late and he went
into a coma. He was 31.

Doug was a fervent collector of "oddball" gear: Freeman string synths, PS3100, MS-10s, and only 1
of 70 made double Mellotrons. Not having much money, these are all in "working-but-tore-up"
condition. I hope to help his parents sell some to cover the bills (his dad teaches biology at a
small local college. Doug did "odd jobs" and performed. Very little money here). I'll keep you
posted. BTW: Doug was in the bands "Ohm" and "Yeti".

He went into the coma Thursday PM, and died yesterday PM. Needless to say, I haven't been getting
much done. I hope to get back into the swing of things tomorrow.

I am building up more '800 kits. Sill out of '420, '700 and '320 kits. The '420s I will do first.
The other 2 will be about 2 weeks away. I need to make a dent in the assembled backlog. There is
always stuff piling up, which is ∗good∗.

Thanks to all that have sent in new demos. I will upload them by Friday, along with an updated

Paul S.