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Subject: RE: DoMOAS live performance features

From: "David Bivins" <david@...
Date: 1999-09-10

I was very disappointed to hear that MOAS may never be implemented.
Therefore, for what it's worth, I want as many features as possible. I don't
want to have to go buy some combination of vintage Moog, Roland, ARP, etc.
gear just to get a full-featured sequencer. I don't think MOTM was ever
intended to be a budget instrument; I think it's rather luxurious myself.
I'd like the sequencer to maintain that level of sophistication. I'd be more
willing to accept a ton of compromises and cut-downs on this module if I
knew a MOAS was in the pipeline, but apparently it is not for sure.

> I don't think the sequencer should be bogged down with every
> feature under
> the sun lest we get MOAS again. I ∗do∗ think it should be carefully
> crafted to interface well with other modules and that perfection can be
> found in simplicity.
> John Speth
> Object Engineering, Inc
> mailto:johns@...
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