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Subject: Re: MOTM Module Ideas

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-03-04

1) A vocoder is a massive analog undertaking. Rather, let's everyone answer

Is a killer MOTM vocoder kit worth $500?

2) I will have a set of ears for a Pro-2000 to bring out the 1/8" jacks to
1/4" jacks. I will
look into a pro-solo thing. Maybe Kenton will sell me the "guts" (no case)
and I can
make up my own panel.

Any interest???

Paul S.

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From: mmt <mmt@...>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 10:41 PM
Subject: [motm] MOTM Module Ideas

>From: "mmt" <mmt@...>
>Hello list members,
>What would everyone think of a MOTM Vocoder module?
>How about a panel designed to accomodate the Kenton Pro Solo Midi-CV?
>What do you think Paul?
>Mark T
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