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Subject: MOTM State of the Union

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-03-04

Just catching my breath this evening. Things have been hectic due to the
April issue
of Keyboard (pg. 19) having a little MOTM "blurb". Not so much new orders,
but in
running around like a chicken with my head cut off with the website and new
designs. So, here is a little snapshot.

1) I ∗despereatly∗ need new .WAV or MP3 files showing off MOTM. I know these
things aren't just sitting
there turned off in your racks! PLEASE send me CD one-offs or huge emails, I
don't care. I can rip a audio
CD into a MP3 file.

This Keyboard thing will just light a fire under PAiA and I need ammo!

Now, don't be shy about the "goodness" of your work. I'm not asking for
Wendy Carlos type stuff.
Rather, I need to show what happens when the '120 processes that Juno 60. Or
the '110 mangles
a TB-303. How Larry uses his '700 to "punch in" on the MIDI beat.

Look, I'm no musician. Maybe you feel that you aren't one, either. But
certainly there are snippets you did
that you liked. This isn't a contest. This is advertising.

2) I want to put a "show-off" page on my site of people's MOTMs in their
setups. Just snail me a photo
from the 1-hour lab or scan it.

Also, I would like to put in small "testimonials" on MOTM with your email
address so potential customers
can email you and you can tell them how grreat it is <grin>. Think of this
as asking for references. What I'll
put is like:

"It doesn't suck!" - A. Jefferson, NJ. <email - frodo@...>

For example, it turns out there are 3 MOTM customers in Providence, RI! The
MOTM hotspot of the world!

3)About patches: I am having each MOTM panel drawn in line-art in Adobe
Illustrator. I will post GIF images
so people can make up a MOTM patch sheet for their setup. I have ∗unlimited∗
web site hard drive space. Let's fill
it up!

If you send it, I will post it.

4) Modules status.'s been a long 10 days, and I have had to clear
the backlog of orders first. This
will happen tomorrow with a big order going off to London. Then I can focus
on the VCO. I will send the CAD
drawings to the sheet metal shop on Friday. I will take orders on the 15th.
The VCO is looking great, I just need
to check stuff like soft sync, high-freq tracking resistor, little stuff. I
should be able to send the "final" artwork to the
pcb shop next Tuesday. Ship date will be end of the month, can't pick a day.
It will take me 1 entire week to
ship out the VCOs. Note again this kit will take you about 4 hours to build.
Maybe 5. That means it will take Larry 14 (grin).

The MS-20 filter. This will be ready in early April. Switchable HP/LP, 2U
panel. Distorts, rings, and clips like the original.
A perfect example of crappy design. You will love it. This is an easy kit,
like a '800 is.

The PS3100 triple BP filter: mid-April. Need to buy some Vactrols and test
them (a Vactrol is a resistor whose resistance
varies by current through a LED shining on a photocell. Used alot in
compressors). The actual design is being done
by a MOTM "associate" in Europe. He has many synth designs under his belt,
and this will be a killer effect. Also a pretty
simple kit.

The VC LFO: this is a 1U wide, simple LFO. Now, before everyone starts
bitching about sync, NO it doesn't have it. Why?
Because I think the Kenton Pro 2000 does a much better job with it's 2
sync'able LFOs. The VCO has sync, so you can
be covered that way. So, to make up for lack of sync, it DOES have 6
different waveforms including VC waveshape and
a "free" built-in S&H circuit. So there!

Mixer: I hope to have a 6-channel mixer in mid-April. This is a very easy
kit, but is extremely DC accurate. Uses an OP-97
as a servo amp. No capacitors in the path. Can mix AC or DC. Need to decide
to put in linear or log pots. Tough call.
Suggestions welcome.

That's it for now. Thanks for everyone's support. Hopefully the '700s are
all built and into service.

Paul Schreiber