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Subject: Re: MOTM Pre-amp

From: Doug Pearson <ceres@...
Date: 1999-09-07

Just my opinions on the preamp & stuff (lots of great ideas floating around!):

1) I would have no real use for a microphone preamp (already have decent
ones in the rack), but would LOVE to have a guitar preamp; I've been using
my MS-20 and EML101 extensively for processing guitar sounds for my band (a
bit live, but mostly in the studio during mixing). I've always liked the
idea of using synths as guitar effects, and guitar effects in a
modular/patched synth setting, which brings me to ...

2) The "guitar effect module" I'd most like to see in MOTM would be a
generic BBD module that, depending on the settings, could be used for
voltage-controlled analog delay, chorus, flange or vibrato. Some sort of
voltage-controllable distortion could be cool, too (especially being able
to switch/mix between silicon & germanium transistors, different kinds of
diodes, etc.), but I'd rather see a delay/etc. module first.

3) I think that panel-controllable waveshaping on the uVCO is a great idea!