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Subject: RE: MOTM Pre-amp

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...
Date: 1999-09-07

I personally need 2 inputs to handle line level (e.g. stereo drum machine),
and 1 to handle mic level input.

I don't need guitar.

Distortion would be OK, but not at the expense of the 3 inputs mentioned

Dave Bradley
Principal Software Engineer
Engineering Animation, Inc.

> Originally, I was going to do a 1U wide, triple preamp. This would have:
> 1 "guitar" level input
> 2 "synth/line" level inputs
> 3 volume pots
> The guitar input has high gain (like 150) and the line levels are lower
> (like 15). The
> point of both is to bring external levels up to 10V pk-pk.
> But several have asked for ∗DISTORTION!∗ Oh, the shame of my audiophile DC
> servo amps
> with cascode FET stages and 0.005% THD. Sob!
> So, what's the feeling of a dual preamp (2 clean channels) with a seperate
> patchable ∗DISTORTION∗
> unit?