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Subject: Re: MOTM Pre-amp

From: thudson@...
Date: 1999-09-07

Paul Schreiber wrote:

> Along this line: there are several worderful sites with full schematics of
> OLD guitar pedals. What's
> your fave pedal, pre 1990? (no BOSS crap).

Univibe, univibe, univibe!!!

I drool at the possibility of univibe sound w/ MOTM quality.

While one could argue that the univibe is simply a phasor, the
sound is somehow different. Some suggest it is due to staggered
cap values (powers of ten I believe). J.H. suggested a
voltage controlled offset bypassing the exponential converter
w/ different resistor values for each stage, i.e. at zero volts
the stages are equal, more voltage changes the spread between

Other fun guitar effects:
- Fuzz Face (hard to find germanium transistors)
- Electric Mistress Flanger (did this use sad bbs?)
- ts-9 tube screamer (somewhat dependent on jcr4558 op amps
but Jack Orman suggests some mods for using OP275s and others

R. Keen's site is also a good resource:

And if you really want to make guitarists happy, and force them
to buy six times as many MOTM modules, a hex preamp adapter for the
roland sk2 pickup. I can only dream about a hex pitch-to-voltage