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Subject: Re: MOTM users page

From: "mmt" <mmt@...
Date: 1999-03-04

Hi J. Larry,

I'd be real interested in seeing pics of the power supply control panel that
you designed. Also any wiring diagrams, and sources for meters would be


Mark T

>2 - Since I am planning a case. I did not buy the rack mount power supply.
> Instead I ordered the "big momma" case supply. Obviously, one needs an
>external switch, fuse, etc. I used a 2-unit wide MOTM panel to produce a
>"control panel" for my power supply. It has one nice looking neon lighted
>rocker switch for the AC and two 30 VDC meters, one wired to each leg of
>the +/- 15 VDC output lines. I cut the panel behind the meters to allow
>rear illumination and put two high intensity NE-2 neon lights behind each
>meter. In the light, the backlights are only slightly visible. But, in
>low light or darkness, the meters have an eerie orange backlight that
>really has that "retro" appearance. I would be happy to contribute photos.
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