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Subject: bananas

From: icumedia@...)
Date: 1999-09-02

Several issues at once:

1>Joe pavone's modular is an inpiring thing'o'beauty--
1b>His "neatness counts" attitude is a sharp reminder of why I'm a lousy

2>A blacet/motm collaboration would truly "rock" as the kids on tv like to say.
The Dark Star Chaos is quite the wild thing, as is the klangwerk. The
freq. divider will be much better whenever I get 'round to bringing all the
divisions out to play. John Blacet puts alot of value in a single module.
Hate those minijax though. blech.

And on that note---

3>Anyone here using much banana jacked gear, or are most of you firmly in
the 1/4" camp?
I've been swayed to banana quite a bit after getting a fenix, and now far
prefer working with stacked jacks in general rather than mults. As such,
I've strongly considered using banana jacks instead of the 1/4" (and using
the 1/4s for a buss in the back of my case)--Mind you, I have no motm yet,
so have room to dream, as it were. Current finances allow this, if not much

So, is this heresy? If so, let me burn--but surely some others feel the
same way?

Do you just get 940 patch panels and line'em up one one side? After going
back and forth, this may be the way I'll go....easier...

Open to suggestions.

charles morpheus