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Subject: Seq Development Environment

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-08-27

Quick thoughts.

1) I plan to code in assembler, because

a) the assembler is ∗FREE∗
b) the C compiler is $800
c) I have written over 600,000 lines of 8051 assembler code and 0 lines of C
d) I have ∗already written∗ 1/5th of the Seq code 1.0 already

2) The assembler code source will be posted to ∗encourage∗ hacking. People
not hacking the code
will be made fun of :) (Hack #1: have your name scroll across the display at

3) Yes, you can turn it into a

b) LFO
c) MIDI-2-CV
d) Sampler (!!?! heee hee)

I plan to license the Keil Software ( Rom-based debugger. This
is a ~3K
program that is in every Seq. It talks to a serial port, and to a W95-based
program. This program
allows you to

a) download the assembled code (Intel HEX format)
b) single-step it
c) disassemble it
d) run to a breakpoint
e) dump register & memory contents

So, you can find bugs pretty easily ∗without∗ a decicated "evaluation board"
or "ROM emulator".

Paul S.