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Subject: RE: Seq

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...
Date: 1999-08-27

> >Ask Tony Karavidas about displays and bezels. The one in his
> >Expressionist is top notch.
> Does it use LCD or VFD?

It's a conventional backlit LCD.

> > What is the sequencer based around?
> >8051? 6811? Z80? Enquiring minds want to know. And hey, why
> >not throw in MIDI to CV while you're at it. That's what the
> >serial port on the 8051 is for.......
> Dallas Semi 80C320 (super-fast 4-cycle 8051) running at 24Mhz is what
> I'm thinking about as a CPU.
> There is MIDI _IN for running at MIDI clock. I suppose the "platform" does
> exist to
> "turn it into" a killer MIDI to CV.
> After all, "it's just software!" :)

Be careful that you avoid 'bloatware'. Personally, I've already paid $600
for a Midi/CV module, and would not want to see the price of the seqencer
soar past $500 because this feature was included. Also increases time to
market and potential bugs. I think it would be a good candidate for
'alternate software personality', available later perhaps at an extra cost
to cover the development time expenses.