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Subject: Re: Analog FM

From: "Douglas R. Kraul" <dkraul@...
Date: 1999-08-24

Bernie's "plan" was actually based on a design of mine that only extended
the conventional OTA VCO to include the through-zero modulation. Bernie may
have had problems with it but I sure didn't! His writeups were based on an
article of mine that Electronotes publish based on a research project that I

However, it was never the precision VCO that the 300 has become. But it
could be improved substantially and still use a more conventional "discrete"
architecture much like the 300 has (though different). It probably would be
less complex in circuitry then the 300 but with a slight reduction of
absolute tracking accuracy. Still I believe it would be superior to all but
something like the 300.

Douglas Kraul