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Subject: Finding Electronotes

From: Mark Pulver <mpulver@...
Date: 1999-08-21

james holloway (07:38 AM 8/21/99) wrote:

>I've read about electronotes from time to time but am unable to locate any
>of them. is there anyplace online that one may download them?

There used to be, but there was a HUGE blowout between Bernie Hutchins (the
author) and the person who had them online (who it was isn't important).

As I remember it, Bernie took the position that since he still sells copies
of EN, then having them online would cut into those sales. Now, the other
side was one of providing community service and pointing out that Mr.
Hutchins wasn't exactly selling thousands of copies.

Anyway... This particular one, and in fact ∗all∗ of the online resources,
are now offline.

Thomas Henry (Midwest Analog Products among other claims to fame) has info
online about getting ahold of Mr. Hutchins:

The entire set of reprints is $265.


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