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Subject: RE: web updates...Paul?

From: "David Bivins" <david@...
Date: 1999-08-13

No! Only FM1 is +/- FM2 is 0-10.

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> Sent: Friday, August 13, 1999 3:43 PM
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> Subject: [motm] web updates...Paul?
> From: icumedia@... (i.c. ultramedia)
> >This is not a mail bomb.
> That's a relief. I was thinking some may take my humor too seriously.
> As I said to Paul, i had a bit of a laugh with offense taken!
> (note to self: use more smileys ;-)
> I've been too busy to read much list stuff lately, but when you see a
> graphic that you ∗∗or a parallel version of you∗∗ (theremin music here)
> have done is downloading to your inbox, it's a classic "twilight zone
> moment" that I found quite funny/weird.
> Add to that the "copy of a copy of a..." regression, and it just hooks my
> sci-fi/philosophical/quantum humor to the point that I rattled off some
> stuff top-o-me-head...
> Reminds me of a time I searched for some keyword regarding synths and the
> search engine called up an old post of mine to analog heaven--kind of a
> weird feeling......
> >
> >> After all, are we not all merely shadows-harmonic modulations if you
> >> will-of the perfect Platonic Ideal synthesist; who never runs
> out of money
> >> nor space nor patchcords? ........Naaaah.
> >> Just Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, et al. More Jung than olde Plato.
> >
> >Mac dude! Reduce thy latte level! I think you'll fit in fine around this
> >asylum...
> I hope so! Stay away from my lattes! (wishing I could recall the mentat
> invocation from "dune')
> Really, more quasi-philosophical humor which probably fell flat, used to
> set up the Marxist bit...
> (Jung! Plato! nyuk nyuk...really clears a room)
> >Seriously, I don't claim my hacked up images to be showroom quality. My
> >personal opinion is that they serve a useful purpose on this list, and on
> >the site in the "coming attractions" section, unless someone (do you
> >volunteer?) wants to do a more high fidelity mockup for public
> consumption.
> >For previewing coming modules though, any image is better than
> none. Perhaps
> >a notice could be placed on the News page: "WARNING - Simulated Panel
> >Layouts!"
> >
> >However I am very uncomfortable with my "chopped up 8 bit dopplegangers"
> >appearing on the actual web pages for shipping modules. Therefore, PLEASE
> I agree that they can serve a useful purpose, as do many of your posts
> regarding patching ideas, etc. Whenever Paul gives me a "locked down"
> design, I try to get a 24 bit jpeg to him asap.
> I do ∗often boring∗ corporate video/cdrom/webshite for a living, but do
> Paul's stuff for "motm points" (at way less than half my going rate btw)
> because ∗I believe∗ in the beauty and power that is motm, and Paul is a
> really cool guy with good ideas...but you know all about that!
> Enough stroking his ego, now is time to take him to task---
> I just went to the site and you are right, the 420 is just the old graphic
> mockup, not the final versions. Same with the news page.
> I sent him gfx for the 420, indeed all of the "news" items on May 26! As
> Paul said, he does the programming, I just do the gfx.
> I hear he's been very busy, but WE NEED OUR FIX.
> IMPORTANT NOTE: I noticed the -5/+5 pot on the fm input, and this seems
> logical--those of you who have 420s, please tell me--are both fm
> pots -5/+5
> or 1-10 or one of each? I may have to change the gfx to reflect this!
> Thanks in advance!
> Ever the rambling caffeine-head, avoiding tax stuff...
> charles morpheus
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