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Subject: Update time

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-08-08

Well I survived "vacation" in Cancun, Mexico. Meaning I didn't strangle the
kids. No illness
(I stayed away from the octopus).

So here is YAMU.


Pushing hard to ship this month. Is struggling for resources with last
non-MOTM big-assed project
of the year. Things should clear out by last week of Aug.

Will try to add some more MP3s to the site, so I can try out my RNC


This will be around 3rd week of Sept. Need to fix sync issue. But other than
that it all works.

Next filter

Will come out in late October. Is Haible Jurgen's SSM2040 clone with
'enhancements'. Will be 4-pole LPF, very
Moogish (in fact Moog sued them, and they then made the SSM2044). It is
∗very∗ similar to a Moog ladder: some
folks swear it sounds better (a la Prophet 5 Rev 2's). Uses like 10 dual
pairs: expensive but will really minimize
CV bleedthrough which muddies up the sound (and why VC Q does the same,
unless you cheat like OnChip!).

MOTM Flood

Warn the wives or equivalent, the MOTM Flood of '99 is upon us! Yep: from
Oct - Dec expect no less than 6 different
modules! Some will be 1U wide (triple preamp) others 2U (Maxi-Mult). Sell
your other junk, I need the $$$!!


Still gathering IC data on what to use. Right now, I am leaning towards a
pre-assembled CPU "module" (all SMT)
that plugs into the motherboard (all the pots, etc). This way, I can swap
out more better CPUs down the road, and
the kit version will be greatly reduced soldering/debugging. Don't worry,
flux jockey Todd, there will still be mucho soldering
to do!!

Note that the Seq will require +5V at 1.25A. So, there will be a rack-mount
MOTM-910 Supply. In the Big Wood Case there
is a larger Power One with the +5 @6A. The +5V will be on a 3-wire cable,
just like the 4-wire if I can still find 3-wire

The Seq is NOT MOAS...rather a smaller, leaner version. MOAS may never be
built, I just like to daydream every now and

The price of the kit varies as I add/subtract stuff: I'm still trying for
<$500 kit. It will be 1x16 or 2x8. 5U wide, 5U tall.

Probably talking NAMMish for announcement (early Jan), ship by 3rd year
anniversary! (Valentine's Day, of all things!)

Current backlog

Right now, I'm out of MOTM-800s entirely! So, I'm reshooting the pcb to add
the Roland drop-GATE triggering (grrrrr.......).
I need to kit up more '300 and '420s. Everything else is ready to go. As
∗far as I know∗, everyone except Gur M. has
no backlog of current stuff. Still accepting orders for '410s!!

Thanks to everyone: July was a record month! Don't worry: MOTM is still
going strong! Again, I promise that as long as
you order, I will make. This is ∗NOT∗ how I earn a living (someday.....) so
there is no danger of having the plug pulled.
MOTM is funded fully for at least 18 more months (unlike FakeMoog Don) so no
orphans are looming. Still dreaming of
1000 modules in the field......but will be happy to see #500. Need to get
those serial number tags.....sigh!

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology