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Subject: RE: --desoldering ic's?

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...
Date: 1999-07-30

At a minimum, you've got to have a manual solder sucker. It's a hand held
plunger-loaded doodad that creates a vacuum when you release the plunger,
sucking up solder that you have just reheated with your soldering gun. It
works OK for ICs without a large number of pins.

If its a cheapie opamp, sometimes I just clip the pins on the top edge and
remove them individually. It's harder to fix a board that you have lifted
pads or traces on, than it is to replace an inexpensive IC.

Dave Bradley
Principal Software Engineer
Engineering Animation, Inc.

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> It hasn't happened to me yet, but it probably will eventually--if I solder
> an ic in backwards
> or blow one up, is there a recommended technique for getting those little
> suckers out?
> --Short of a desoldering station, that is.
> tomr
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