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Subject: Re: Re: Neutrik Connector Pricing

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-07-28

> From: "jmw" <evening@...>
> I'm very familiar w/ Markertek Video Supply - I did some Mac consulting
> Mark, the head honcho - who is basically a saint - he adopts homeless
> supports something like 50 charities etc...
> The company is ∗very∗ successful. They are a good company to deal with -
> there is interest in teh bulk connector purchase I can call Tom (who was
> sales manager last time I checked) and try to the nice price...

Please do. I would be willing to commit to 100.

> also of interest - I found a website that offered custom cables made
> Switchcraft components
> I asked for a quote on 1'-3' patch cords -
> here's the reply:
> > On the sizes you requested I can sell them for 5.00 each, any size 1'
> to 3' and 10.00 S/H
> >priority mail for each 20 pcs. Add 1.00 S/H for each additional 2 pcs.
> >sure that you will be satisfied with my professional quality product and
> >advantage of being able to pick the colors (great for color coding you
> >modular synth)

Hey, these look pretty nice. I certainly have no problem with Switchcraft.
And at that price, one might question our sanity for making our own.
Anyone ever used these?

Larry Hendry